Releaser Drop1 & 2

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Artist Titel EAN Media
Ac/Dc Through The Mists.. -Rsd- 0194398653617 1- 12in
Add N To X On The Wires Of Our Wires (Silver Vinyl) 5026328004709 2LP
Air People In The City 0190295062217 Limited 1 x 140g 12" picture vinyl single.
Al-Dos Band Doing Our Thing With Pride 4062548022681 LP
Alarm Spirit Of 58 Ep 5024545929379 7"
Alcatrazz Born Innocent (Rsd Exclusive) 0190296785887 LP
Alestorm Sunset On The Golden Age 0840588141784 LP
Aliens Doorway Amnesia -Rsd- 0739601734570 1- 12in
Alkaline Trio From Here To Infirmary (Black Vinyl) 5060626463240 LP
Amigo The Devil Covers Demos Live Versions B-Sides 0192641067112 LP
Amy Winehouse Remixes (Rsd Blue/Yellow Vinyl) 0602435427508 2LP
Anna Ternheim A Space for Lost Time (Extended Version) 4050538676792 LP
Anti-Flag 20/20 Division (Rsd Vinyl) 0602435440507 LP
Aphelian Volume 1 Various Artists 5056321640338 LP
Aphelian Volume 2 Various Artists 5056321640345 LP
Archive Versions Remixed (Rsd Exclusive 2021) 5400863043070 LP
Arizona Amp & Alternator Arizona Amp And Alternator 0809236120717 2LP
Asian Dub Foundation Access Denied 3516628349317 2LP
Awolnation Angel Miners & The Lightning Riders Live 0849320095613 LP
Baby Queen Raw Thoughts (Rsd Vinyl) 0602435518770 LP
Baby Strange In The Flesh / Pathetic Fuck 7350049517100 7
Baker, Chet Cool Cat -Rsd- 0804589493792 1 LP
Band Of Pain / Sr Meixner Priti Deceit (10") 0506044129807 12
Bardo Pond Volume 1 0809236162212 LP
Bardo Pond Volume 2 0809236162311 LP
Barrelhouse & Albert Coll Albert Collins.. -Rsd- 8717931339865 1 LP
Batmobile 7-Ba-Baboon -Coloured- 8719262018877 17 inch
Black Francis Abbabubba (180G Black & White Vinyl) 5014797905177 LP
Black Paisley Rambler -Purple Marble Vinyl (250 Nubered/Signed/Purple/Slipmat) 7320470232927 180Gram LP
Black Spiders Black Spiders 5055869547758 LP
Blackbeard I Wah Dub 0190295089801 Limited 1 x 180g 12" Black vinyl album.
Blakey, Art & The Jazz Me Chippin' In -Rsd- 0804589493662 2LP
Bluetones A New Athens (180G Blue Vinyl) 5014797905115 LP
Bolan Marc & T. Rex Star King (180G Coloured Vinyl) 5014797905078 LP
Brian Jonestown Massacre / The Telescopes "Before I Forget / Come Down My Love (10 5056321621504 12
Brooks, Roy Understanding -Rsd/Hq- 0875531019438 3LP
Brown Apollo Stitched Up & Shaken 0843563134924 LP
Bugg, Jake All I Need -10"/Rsd- 0194398629476 112in
Buzzcocks A Different Compilation 5013929183810 2LP
Cabildos Where Is The Cat ? -Rsd- 8016158023640 1LP
Celia Cruz, Willie Colón Celia Y Willie (Rsd Vinyl) 0888072229495 LP
Chapterhouse Rownderbowt -Coloured- 8719262018594 4LP
Charlie Parker Bird In La (Rsd 4Lp Box) 0602507408428 LP
Chloe & Pete Harden Static Shot 4062548021905 12
Clash Rsd 2021 -Rsd- 0194398441719 2LP
Coldaharbourstores Remixed 5024545919417 LP
Complex Complex -Rsd- 0604565397119 1LP
Conor Oberst Ruminations 0075597916904 Limited 2 x 140g 12" Black vinyl album.
Coryell, Larry At The Village Gate -Rsd- 0819514011972 1LP
Coterie The A Swing To Folk (Splatter Vinyl Lp) Rsd2021 8435008841812 LP
Cotton Joseph / Winston Reedy / Barry Isaacs Kiki Kiki E.P. 5052571090879 7
Creation In Stereo (180G Clear Vinyl) 5014797904767 2LP
Cutthroat Brothers & Mike Watt King Is Dead (Splatter Vinyl) 4018939451554 LP
Davis, Miles Sketches -Rsd- 3700477833541 2LP
De Castro Terry A View To Kill / Spangle 5024545925371 7
Def Leppard Live In Oxford (Rsd Vinyl) 0602435301716 2LP
Deftones Digital Bath (Telefon Tel Aviv Version) / Feiticeira (Arca Remix) 0054391926135 Limited 1 x 140g 12" picture vinyl single.
Dekker George Run Dem / Foey Man 5052571090978 7
Dekker George & The Inn House Crew Nana 5052571090671 7
Deniz Tek & The Mortmen San Francisco Girls B/W Hot Smoke & Sass 0664213633242 7
Desmond Dekker King Of Ska: The Early Singles Collection, 1963 – 1966 4050538655827 RSD Box
Devo Somewhere With Devo -Rsd- 0760137466710 1LP
Devo'S Gerald V. Casale Jihad Jerry & The Evildoers (Red Vinyl) 0848064012184 LP
Disclosure Energy (Rsd Vinyl) 0602435497099 2LP
Doctor Who Dalek Terror (180G Extermination Splatte 5014797905146 2LP
Dominator Vol 4 Anthology (Lp+7" Flexi) 5060446129609 LP
Don Davis The Matrix (Rsd Glitter Green Vinyl) 0888072214040 3LP
Donny Hathaway Live 0603497844753 Limited 1 x 180g 12" Black vinyl album.
Dream Syndicate Out Of The Grey (Deluxe Edition) 0809236161215 LP
Dvsn Sept 5Th 0093624882848 Limited 2 x 140g 12" Purple vinyl album.
Dylan Fraser The Storm 0190296761294 CONFIDENTIAL! Limited 1 x 140g 12" Black 7 track EP vinyl. Side 2 etched. RSD 2021.
Earle Steve & The Dukes / Earle Justin Townes Saing Of Lost Causes 0607396416110 7
Echo & The Bunnymen Live In Liverpool (180G 2Lp Clear Vinyl) 5014797905214 2LP
Ed Sheeran The A-Team 0190296759765 Limited 1 x 140g 12" clear vinyl single.
Elbow The Any Day Now Ep (Rsd Vinyl) 0602435542034 V12
Elbow The Newborn Ep (Rsd Vinyl) 0602435542027 V12
Electric Wizard Time To Die (Rsd Vinyl) 0602435491745 2LP
Ella Fitzgerald Original Grooves – Ella In Berlin: Mack The Knife / Summertime (Rsd Vinyl) 0602435611297 LP
Elton John Regimental Sgt. Zippo (Rsd Flip-Back Laminated Gloss Sleeve Vinyl) 0602435557878 LP
Emerson, Lake & Palmer Tarkus 4050538652963 RSD Vinyl
Evans, Bill Behind The Dikes -Rsd- 8435395502990 3LP
Fàshiön Pröduct Perfect (Green Vinyl) 0090771823816 LP
Fatboy Slim Weapon Of Choice 4050538658668 RSD Vinyl
Ffrancin Gwalaxia Belleville 1315 / Machnylleth 1 5024545928112 LP
Fireboy Dml Apollo (Lemonade & Orange Crush Vinyl) 0194690395031 2LP
First International Sex O Anita-Coloured/Hq/Remast- 0602435517919 1LP
Flamin' Groovies A Bucket Of Brains 0190295104139 Limited 1 x 100g 10" Black vinyl 8 track EP.
Focus Singles, Deep Cuts..-Clrd 8719262018266 2LP
Fontaines Dc Live At Kilmainham Gaol (+Poster) 0720841219415 LP
Foster Frank Loud Minority (Record Store Day 2021 + 2 3700604731276 LP
Frankie And The Witch Fingers Brain Telephone (Red Splatter Vinyl) 0194491725990 LP
Fred Again Actual Life 0190295058739 Limited 1 x 140g 12" Black vinyl album.
French Montana Cb5 (White Vinyl) 0194690394959 2LP
Garbage No Gods No Masters (Rsd Exclusive) 4050538669985 LP
Gelb Howe Hisser 0809236120113 LP
Genesis Live At Knebworth (Rsd Vinyl) 0602435510880 V12
Girls In Synthesis Shift In State 5024545922219 LP
Glenn-Copeland Beverly At Last! 5400863048211 12
Goblin 7-L'Alba Dei.. -Rsd- 8016158450842 17inch
Goblin Greatest Hits Vol.2 -Rsd- 8004644008707 1LP
Golden Earring 7-Twilight Zone.. -Clrd- 8719262018259 17inch
Grateful Dead Olympia Theatre, Paris, France 5/3/72 0603497845095 Limited 6 x 180g 12" Black vinyl album box. 6LP Vinyl, 180g vinyl with 12th-side etching
Green Al Give Me More Love (Pink Vinyl) 0767981173610 LP
Groundhogs Who Will Save The World (Deluxe Edition) 0809236150974 LP
Gruntruck Push (Opaque Red & Yellow Swirl Vinyl) 0848064012153 2LP
Half Japanese I Guess I’M Living: The Charmed Life Tap 0809236155917 LP
Hallyday, Johnny Twistin' The Rock -Rsd- 3700477833565 1LP
Haim Gasoline (RSD 7" Baby Blue Vinyl) 0602435752211 7"
Hersh Kristin Wyatt At The Coyote Palace 0809236157911 2LP
High Pulp Mutual Attraction.. -Rsd- 0824833035769 1LP
Holsapple Peter & Stamey Chris Our Back Pages 0816651019885 LP
Honne Nswy: Dream Edits 0190295058609 Limited 1 x 140g 12" Black & White marbled vinyl album.
Hooverphonic A New Stereophonic..-Rmx- 8719262018389 112in
Hu Sad But True & Wolf Totem 7" 0849320099512 7
Ian Dury & The Blockheads Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick 4050538659474 12” Maxi Single
Ihsahn After (Rsd Vinyl) 0602435404783 2LP
Iivii Obsidian -Rsd- 3481575454479 1LP
Incredible Bongo Band Bongo Rock -Rsd- 7119691271910 1LP
Jah Floyd 20 Years Inna Leaky Boat 7
Jansch Bert Black Swan 0809236174574 LP
Jansch Bert Edge Of A Dream 0809236174673 LP
Jefferson Airplane Acid, Incense And.. -Rsd- 0194398442617 1LP
Jim Croce You Don'T Mess Around With Jim / Operator (That'S Not The Way It Feels) 4050538660234 12” Maxi Single
Joe Strummer Junco Partner (Acoustic) 4050538634648 RSD 12" Maxi Single
Joel Corry Four For The Floor 0190295058807 Limited 1 x 180g 12" Black vinyl 4 track EP.
Joey Ramone Don'T Worry About Me 4050538655094 RSD LP
John Carpenter John Carpenter'S: Ghost Of Mars (Rsd Red Marble Vinyl) 0888072233577 LP
John Carpenter, Dave Davies Village Of The Damned (Rsd Orange Marble Vinyl) 0888072200937 2LP
John Fogerty Jambalaya (On The Bayou) / Hearts Of Stone 4050538660098 RSD 12" Maxi Single
John Martyn The Church With One Bell (Rsd Colour Vinyl) 0888072227101 LP
John Powell, Harry Gregson-Williams Shrek (Rsd Neon Green Vinyl) 0888072234598 LP
Jonathan Richman Having A Party With Jonathan Richman (Rsd Colour Vinyl) 0888072227125 LP
Jones Howard 12" Album 5013929183711 LP
Joni Mitchell Joni Mitchell Archives, Vol. 1 (1963-1967): Highlights 0603497844982 Limited 1 x 180g 12" Black vinyl album.
Joplin, Janis Pearl -Rsd- 0194398435213 1LP
Kalle Sändare Kalle Sändares Julbestyr röd vinyl, bonussingeln i blå vinyl, CD 7394367000012 LP + Singel
K.Flay Don’T Judge A Song By Its Cover 4050538661514 RSD Vinyl
Karen O & Willie Nelson Under Pressure 4050538661538 RSD 7"
Keane Tbc (Rsd Vinyl) 0602435512617 LP
Keith Richards Wicked As It Seems 4050538659078 RSD 7"
Kling Klang Esthetik Of Destruction 5055869547659 LP
Kuti Fela Open & Close 0720841206552 LP
L7 Beauty Process -Triple Platinum (Platinu 0848064011965 LP
Lady Gaga Chromatica (Rsd Deluxe Vinyl) 0602435720128 2LP
Lamb Of God As The Palaces Burn (Rsd Colour Vinyl) 0888072157606 LP
Land, Harold Westward Bound! -Rsd/Hq- 0875531018134 2LP
Lanois, Daniel Heavy Sun -Rsd- 0625612845018 1LP
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (Original Soundtrack) Various Artists 0848064011972 2LP
Legrand Michel La Piscine Original Soundtrack + Un Hom 3700604731269 LP
Lindsey Stirling Lose You Now 4050538662146 LP RSD
Linkin Park Meteora 0093624892113 Limited 2 x 140g 12" Blue vinyl album.
Linton Kwesi Johnson Making History (Rsd Yellow Vinyl) 0602435381176 LP
Loggins, Kenny At The Movies -Rsd- 0194398003719 1LP
Loggins, Kenny Outside:From The Redwoods 3700477833527 2LP
Love Spit Love Trysome Eatone (White & Black Swirl Viny 0848064012160 LP
Lupe Fiasco Lupe Fiasco'S Food & Liquor Series 0603497844760 Limited 4 x 140g 12" Silver (disc1) & Purple & clear (disc2) vinyl album box.
M. Ward End Of Amnesia - 20 Year An. Remaster (C 0843563128077 2LP
M.T.B. Consenting Adults -Rsd- 8435395503003 2LP
Majid Jordan Majid Jordan 0093624882855 Limited 2 x 140g 12" Blue vinyl album.
Mal - One Punk Badge 5060135762988 7
Massive Wagons Changes (7" Vinyl Rsd Exclusive) 5055006563917 Singel
Matt Bellamy Cryosleep (Rsd Exclusive) 0850018479448 LP
Mckee Maria High Dive 0809236160218 2LP
Mckee Maria Live In Hamburg 0809236160386 2LP
Me'Shell Ndegeocello Peace Beyond Passion 0081227891916 Limited 2 x 140g 12" Blue vinyl album. ROG.
Memphis Soul 1967 Various Artists 5060331752462 LP
Menswear Extra Material (180G Orange & White Viny 5014797905153 2LP
Messina Jim & His Jesters Dragsters 0090771632425 CD
Messina Jim & His Jesters Dragsters 0090771555618 LP
Mogwai Zerozerozero (White Vinyl) 5400863048129 2LP
Monroe, Marilyn Incurably Romantic -Rsd- 3700477833558 2LP
Morricone Youth Lodger -Rsd- 0843563134634 1LP
Motörhead St Valentine’S Day Massacre 4050538652703 RSD LP
Mungo'S Hi Fi Antidote 5055300398765 LP
Mötley Crue Exclusive Cassette (5 X Cassette Box) 0876931071156 MC
Near Jazz Experience Nought To 60 5060143301414 LP
New York Soul 1970 Various Artists 5060331752479 LP
Noctorum Sparks Lane (Grey Vinyl) 0634457048218 LP
Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds Back the way we came: Vol 1 2011-2021 5052945057057 2LP
Ocean Colour Scene Saturday (180G Neon Yellow Vinyl) 5014797905207 LP
Opeth Morningrise (Rsd Vinyl) 0602435404745 2LP
Orange Goblin A Eulogy For The Damned (Rsd Vinyl) 0602435404820 LP
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark Enola Gay (Rsd Vinyl) 0602435512587 V12
Ost 7-Citizen Kane -Rsd- 0738572163976 17inch
Ost 7-James Bond Theme 0738572163877 17inch
Ost A Suitable Boy -Rsd- 0738572163174 2LP
Pa Salieu Send Them To Coventry 0190296751844 Limited 1 x 140g 12" Red vinyl album.
Parks, Steve 7-Movin In The.. -Rsd- 7141095206649 17inch
Pearl Jam Alive -Rsd- 0194398540146 1MC
Penrose Showcase Vol 1 Various Artists (Clear Vinyl+Slipmat) 0823134880115 LP
Pere Ubu 390 Of Simulated Stereo V.21C 0809236137517 LP
Pins Piano Versions 5055869586290 LP
Poly Styrene Translucence 0190295082819 Limited 1 x 180g 12" clear vinyl album.
Pop, Iggy Live At The Channel Bosto 3700477832292 2LP
Presley, Elvis Sings The Mad Professor 3700477832339 1LP
Presley, Elvis Cafe Europa En Uniforme 3700477832322 2LP
Pretty Things Live At The Bbc -Rsd- 4009910244913 3LP
Primal Scream Dixie Narco -Ep/Rsd- 0194398444314 112in
Prince Truth -Rsd- 0190759355015 1LP
Procol Harum Grand Hotel 5013929473218 LP
Psycheground Group Psychedelic And.. -Rsd- 8016158023947 1LP
Ragab Salah & Cairo Jazz Band Egypt Strut 4062548021622 2LP
Rage Against The Machine Battle Of Mexico City 0194398451510 2LP
Ray, James James Ray -Rsd- 0604565397126 1LP
Raybeats Lost Philip Glass Sessions 0309272738599 LP
Red Hot And Blue - A Tribute To Cole Porter Various Artists 0192641529528 2LP
Republica Republica -Blue Coloured- 8719262018457 1LP
Republica Republica -Red Coloured- 8719262018440 1LP
Residents Leftovers Again?!? 5013929361812 LP
Robert Plant Live At Knebworth (Rsd Vinyl) 0602435511009 V12
Roberts, Howard Lord Shango -Rsd- 0804589493679 1LP
Róisín Murphy Crooked Machine 4050538668216 2LP
Röövel Ööbik Ringrada (RSD Vinyl) 0602438078844 LP
Saigon Greatest Story Never Told 0192641067136 LP
Sammy Hagar & The Circle Heavy Metal / Little White Lies 4050538660500 RSD 12" Maxi Single
Sator Basement Noise (Rsd 2021) 0200000093365 LP
Senses Fail Let It Enfold You (Black Vinyl) 5060626463257 LP
Sigh Heir To Despair (Rsd Vinyl) 0602435404813 LP
Sleep Token Jaws / The Way That You Were (Rsd Vinyl) 0602435526713 V10
Soen The Undiscovered Lotus (Rsd Exclusive) 0190296785870 LP
Soho Scene 67 + Jazz Goes Mod Various Artists 5060331752455 LP
Sorgini, Giuliano Under Pompelmo -Rsd- 8016158023749 1LP
Soul Jazz Records Presents Studio One Rockers 5026328004662 2LP
Soul Jazz Records Presents Studio One Ska Fire (5 X 7" Box) 5026328004679 7
Soul Jazz Records Presents Funk 70 (5 X 7" Box) 5026328004686 7
Staton Candi / Chappells Now You'Ve Got The Upper Hand (Coloured 5400863045661 7
Status Quo Rest Of Status Quo -Clrd- 8719262018334 1LP
Status Quo Live At Knebworth (Rsd Vinyl) 0602435511061 V12
Steely Dan Everything Must Go 0603497849109 Limited 1 x 180g 12" Black vinyl album.
Steely Dan Two Against Nature 0603497849093 Limited 2 x 180g 12" Black vinyl album. Side 4 etched.
Steve Reid Ensemble With Kierna Hebden (Four Tet) Spirit Walk (Cyan Coloured Vinyl) 5026328004846  2LP
Stooges Whiskey A Go Go 5060446072318 2LP
Stormwind Legacy Live! (Re-Mastered) 0200000092986 LP
Strängen Rock På Svenska (Lp + Bag + Cd) 0200000092955 LP
Styx The Same Stardust Ep (Rsd Vinyl) 0602435561394 LP
Sublime Sublime Meets Scientist & Mad Professor Inna L.B.C. (Rsd Opaque Yellow Vinyl) 0602577386268 V12
Suede Love And Poison (180G Clear Vinyl) 5014797905092 2LP
Suicide Cheree 4050538656312 RSD Vinyl
Sun Dragon Green Tambourine -Rsd- 5060887170024 1CD
Sun Dragon Green Tambourine -Rsd- 5060887170017 1LP
Super Furry Animals Ice Hockey Hair Ep 4050538656251 RSD LP
Supergrass Going Out 4050538655445 RSD LP
Supersister Sound Of Music.. -Clrd- 0602435492285 2LP
Suzi Quatro Live And Kickin’ [2021 Mix] (Rsd Exclusive) 5060516096237 2LP
Swan Records Ladies Choice - The Pen Of Swan Records 0090771634627 CD
Swan Records Ladies Choice - The Pen Of Swan Records 0090771558213 LP
Swollen Greatest Hits - Ten Years Of Turmoil 0192641067129 LP
Tales Of Terror Tales Of Terror 0809236190918 LP
Tallah Overconfidence (7" Vinyl Rsd Exclusive) 5055006564310 Singel
Tangerine Dream Live At The Reims Cathedr 3700477832650 2LP
Tears For Fears Live At Massey Hall (Rsd Vinyl) 0602435426952 2LP
Tears For Fears Live At Massey Hall (Rsd) 0602435448527 CD-A
Television Personalities Another Kind Of Trip - Live 1985-1993 0809236162816 2LP
Texas & Wu-Tang Clan Hi (Rsd Exclusive) 4050538670462 12” Single
Texas Soul 1970 Various Artists 5060331752493 LP
The Band Camino Tbc Rsd Exclusive 0075678643972 Limited 1 x 140g 12" clear vinyl album.
The Cure Faith (Rsd Picture Disc) 0602435080543 LP
The Dirty Knobs Humdinger / Feelin High 4050538634969 RSD 7"
The Doors Morrison Hotel Sessions 0603497845033 Limited 2 x 180g 12" Black vinyl album. Numbered.
The Flaming Lips The Soft Bulletin (Companion Disc) 0093624885016 Limited 2 x 140g 12" Silver vinyl album.
The Jaded Hearts Club Live At The 100 Club 4050538667073 LP RSD
The Kinks Percy 4050538654301 RSD Vinyl
The Magic Gang The Magic Gang 0190295063474 Limited 1 x 140g 12" Yellow vinyl album, 1 x 40g 7" Yellow vinyl single.
The Notorious B.I.G. Biggie Duets: The Final Chapter 0603497844777 Limited 2 x 140g 12" Red (disc1) & Black (disc2) vinyl album, 1 x 40g 7" Red vinyl single box.
The Replacements The Pleasure’S All Yours: Pleased To Meet Me Outtakes & Alternates 0603497845040 Limited 1 x 140g 12" Black vinyl album.
The Rolling Stones Hot Rocks (Rsd Translucent Blue/Black Splatter-Vinyl) 0018771877714 2LP
The Rolling Stones Biggest Bang (Rsd Vinyl) 0602435511498 V10
The Selecter Live In Coventry ’79 (Rsd Exclusive) 5060516096626 LP
The Thrills So Much For The City (Rsd Coloured Vinyl) 0602435301761 LP
The Who Face Dances (Rsd Coloured Vinyl) 0602435432274 2LP
Thelonious Monk Palo Alto: The Custodian’S Mix (Rsd Vinyl) 0602435583822 LP
Thomas, Pat Stage Two -Rsd- 0804589493648 1LP
Those Damn Crows Sick Of Me (7" Vinyl Rsd Exclusive) 5055006564211 Singel
Thrice To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere 5060626463264 LP
Thunders, Johnny & The He L.A.M.F. The.. -Rsd- 5013145213414 1LP
Tokimonsta Oasis Nocturno 0192641602405 CD
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Angel Dream (Songs And Music From The Motion Picture “She’S The One”) 0093624882312 Limited 1 x 140g 12" Blue vinyl album.
Tom Tom Club Good The Bad And The Funky 0705333606805 LP
Toyah Four From Toyah 5013929183513 LP
Toyah Mesmerised - Rarities & Remixes 87 - 94 5014797904750 LP
Trapeze Live In Houston Texas 1972 5013929862517 2LP
Tv Smith & Richard Strange 1978 5055869547741 LP
Twenty One Pilots Location Sessions 0075678643941 Limited 1 x 140g 12" Grey vinyl 4 track EP.
U2 Fire (RSD 12" Picture Disc) 0602435349169 12" Maxi
Ufo Mother Mary / This Kid’S 5060516096268 LP RSD
Ultravox Vienna [Steven Wilson Mix] (Rsd Exclusive) 5060516096541 2CD Digifile
Ultravox Vienna [Steven Wilson Mix] (Rsd Exclusive) 5060516096206 2LP
Uriah Heep The Magician'S Birthday 4050538657364 RSD Vinyl
V/A Hillbillies In.. -Rsd- 0934334409546 1LP
V/A Lounge Chic -Rsd- 3700477834333 1LP
V/A Pin-Up Girls, Not Easy Cv 8719039006113 1LP
V/A Sassy & Strong -Rsd- 0934334409553 1LP
V/A Small Axe (RSD Vinyl) 0602435511795 LP
V/A Golden Gate Groove: The.. 0194398460512 2LP
V/A 7-Brazil 45 Vol.2 -Rsd- 7119691273679 57inch
Various Artists Psyché France, Vol. 7 0190295052065 Limited 1 x 140g 12" Black vinyl album.
Various Artists Dedicated To You: Lowrider Love (Rsd Coloured Vinyl) 0888072229600 LP
Various Artists Jazz Dispensary: The Dank D-Funk Blend, Vol. 2 (Rsd Coloured Vinyl) 0888072229532 LP
Vast Music For People (Green Vinyl) 0848064012177 LP
Verlaines Live At The Windsor Castle, Auckland, Ma 0634457048225 2LP
Vines Melodia (180G Yellow And Green Marbled V 5014797905191 LP
Wailing Souls Wailing (4Oth Anniversary Deluxe Ed.) 0054645423519 2LP
Wire Pf456 Deluxe (Book+2 X 10"+7") 5024545916706 LP
Wobble, Jah Anomic -Rsd- 5060887170000 1LP
Wray Link Sings And Plays Guitar 0090771634726 CD
Wray Link Sings And Plays Guitar 0090771558312 LP
Wu Lyf Go Tell Fire To The Mountain 5400863049058 LP
Wynn Steve Dekad - Rare & Unreleased Recordings 0848064012122 2LP
You Flexi Thing Vol 8: X-Ray Flex Various Artists 5052571092972 7
Yusuf / Cat Stevens Songs From Harold & Maude (Rsd Coloured Vinyl) 0602435503363 LP
Zevon Warren Preludes 0607396549016 2LP

DROP 2 - 17/7

Artist Titel EAN Media
All Them Witches Live On The Internet 0607396551217 3LP
Aretha Franklin Oh Me, Oh My: Aretha Live In Philly 1972 0603497845026 Limited 2 x 140g 12" Orange & Yellow vinyl album.
Art Of Noise Who'S Afraid Of The Art Of Noise / …Goodbye? (Rsd Coloured Vinyl) 602435504285 2LP
Bastille Vs. (Other People’S Heartache, Pt. Iii) (Rsd Picturedisc) 602435511771 LP
Bee Gees Three Kisses Of Love-Rsd- 730167322218 1LP
Bibio Vidiconia 0801061945817 12
Bill Fay Time Of The Last Persecution (Rsd Vinyl) 602435381312 LP
Black Sabbath Master Of Reality 4050538658194 RSD Vinyl
Blue Feather Call Me Up/Let'S.. -Clrd- 602508964060 112in
Bobbie Gentry The Windows Of The World (Rsd Vinyl) 600753934784 LP
Born Ruffians Squeeze 0634457270626 CD
Born Ruffians Squeeze (Transparent Red Vinyl) 0634457270619 LP
Bärjed Mattias / Various Artists Upp Till Kamp (Red Vinyl) 0721032900020 2LP
Candi Staton Trouble, Heartaches And Sadness (The Lost Fame Sessions Masters) 0190295309855 Limited 1 x 140g 12" Black vinyl album.
Canned Heat Living The Blues -Rsd- 3700477830922 2LP
Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band Unconditionally Guaranteed (Rsd Clear Vinyl) 602435445854 LP
Crass Christ Alive! -.. -Rsd- 5016958097899 1LP
Cro-Mags Age Of Quarrel (Red & Black Vinyl) 0819376028811 LP
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Déjà Vu Alternates 0603497845019 Limited 1 x 180g 12" Black vinyl album.
Davies Dave Bug (Color Vinyl) 0819376070292 2LP
Davis, Miles Miles Davis Champions.. 194398605814 1LP
Difranco Ani Ana Difranco (Black & Yellow Vinyl) 0748731700164 2LP
Dio God Hates Heavy Metal (Rsd Exclusive) 4050538659108 LP
Dire Straits Encores (Rsd Transparent Pink Vinyl) 602435325118 V12
Dos Justamente Tres (Teal Vinyl) 0759656069014 LP
Dr John, The Night Tripper The Sun, Moon & Herbs Deluxe 50Th Anniversary Edition 0081227891992 Limited 3 x 140g 12" Black vinyl album.
Dylan, Bob Jokerman / I And I .. 194398689418 112in
Ennio Morricone Il Bandito Dagli Occhi Azzurri (Rsd Transparent Blue Vinyl) 8024709211729 LP
Evanescence The Open Door (Rsd Splatter Colour Vinyl) 888072238046 2LP
Fear The Record 0081227891985 Limited 1 x 140g 12" clear & White vinyl album, 1 x 40g 7" Red vinyl single.
Freddie Mercury Love Me Like There’S No Tomorrow (Rsd Pink Colour 7") 602435574059 V7
Fun Lovin’ Criminals Scooby Snacks [25Th Anniversary Mixed Ep] (Rsd Exclusive) 5060516096510 12” Single
Future Evol -Annivers/Rsd- 194398451213 1LP
Gorillaz G Collection 0190295177812 Limited 3 x 140g 12" Black vinyl album, 7 x 180g 12" Black vinyl album box.
Hall & Oates Voices -Rsd- 3700477833770 1LP
Hawkwind Greasy Truckers Party 0190295089214 Limited 2 x 180g 12" Black vinyl album.
Hawthrone Mayer Impressions Ep 0659457242619 LP
Heartbreakers L.A.M.F. - The Found '77 Masters (Purple Vinyl) 5013145213414 LP
Hubbard, Freddie Live At The.. -Rsd- 730167322232 1LP
Hurlbut, John & Jorma Kau River Flows Vol.2 -Rsd- 819514012009 1LP
James Horner Aliens (Rsd Yellow-Green Vinyl) 888072233560 LP
Jamiroquai Rsd 2021 -Rsd- 194398750910 112in
Jerry Dammers At The Home Organ: Demos 1980-82 (Rsd Exclusive) 5060516096459 10” Single
John Prine Live At The Other End, Dec. 1975 0603497844722 Limited 2CD softpak.
John Prine Live At The Other End, Dec. 1975 0603497844975 Limited 4 x 180g 12" Black vinyl album box.
Kirk Rahsaan Roland Live At Ronnie Scott'S 1963 5060708610692 LP
Little Esther Warwick Singles -Rsd- 730167322225 1LP
Lou Reed Set The Twilight Reeling 0603497845118 Limited 2 x 180g 12" Black vinyl album. Side 4 etched.
Love Everybody'S Gotta Live 0638126751102 12
Magma Simples -Ltd/10"- 8719262018242 112in
Mastodon Fallen Torches 0054391926029 Limited 1 x 140g 12" picture vinyl single.
March Violets Big Soul Kiss -.. -Rsd- 5013145213216 2LP
Michael Kamen Iron Giant (Rsd Picture Disc Vinyl) 888072233584 LP
Michael Schenker Group Live At The Manchester Apollo 1980 (Rsd Exclusive) 5060516096244 2LP
Mike Oldfield Incantations (Rsd Vinyl) 602435362892 2LP
Millie My Boy Lollipop (Rsd Vinyl) 602435235899 V7
Mogwai As The Love Continues (Coloured Vinyl)   2LP
Noice Bedårande Barn Av Sin Tid - Lp 200000093631 LP
Noice Tonårsdrömmar - Rsd 2021 0200000093617 LP
Nymphet Noodlers Going Abroad (White Vinyl) 0721032900013 2LP
Oceans Eleven - Original Soundtrack (Black & Red Vinyl) Various Artists 0848064011958 LP
Ost Audrey -Rsd- 738572163471 2LP
Ost Naakt Over De.. -Clrd- 602508960130 1LP
Paycheck Johnny Uncovered - The First Recordings 0607396702015 LP
Pearl Jam Alive -Rsd- 194398539911 112in
Peebles Ann This Is Ann Peebles (Violet Vinyl) 0767981153636 LP
Pryor Richard Richard Pryor (Picture Disc) 0816651019762 LP
Pvris Use Me 0093624884453 Limited 1 x 140g 12" clear vinyl 5 track EP.
Queen, Adam Lambert Live Around The World (Rsd Colour Vinyl) 602435574165 LP
Ramones Triple J Live At The Wireless Capitol Theatre, Sydney, Australia, July 8, 1980 0603497845989 Limited 1 x 180g 12" Black vinyl album.
Randy Newman Roll With The Punches: The Studio Albums (1979-2017) 0075597928105 Limited 8 x 140g 12" Black vinyl album.
Redd Toby In The Light (Clear Red Vinyl) 0051497153526 LP
Richmond Fontaine We Used To Think The Freeway Sounded Lik 5052571092712 LP
Rory Gallagher Cleveland Calling Part 2 (Rsd Vinyl) 602435395821 LP
Shintaro Sakamoto The Feeling Of Love (Rsd Vinyl) 602435725444 V12
Sinead O’Connor Live In Rotterdam, 1990 (Rsd Exclusive) 5060516096220 12” Single
Spookey Friends & On The.. -Rsd- 730167322249 112in
St. Vincent Piggy (Rsd 7") 888072234123 7"
Summer, Donna Bad Girls -Rsd- 3700477831998 2LP
Sumner Joe Hope 0634457048935 7
Sweet Platinum Rare (Platinum Vinyl) 0085218010911 2LP
Tad Inhaler (Black & Red Swirl Vinyl) 0848064012115 LP
Tangerine Dream The Keep (Rsd Clear Vinyl) 602435267081 LP
Tesla Mechanical Resonance -Rsd 3700477833145 1LP
Thai Elephant Orchestra Thai Elephant Orchestra 0309272738124 LP
The Cranberries Stars (The Best Of 1992-2002) (Transparent Vinyl) 600753932261 2LP
The Cure Wild Mood Swings (Rsd Picture Disc Vinyl) 602435081175 2LP
The Sisters Of Mercy Bbc Sessions 1982-1984 0190295154455 Limited 2 x 180g 12" Black & clear vinyl album.
The Waterboys How Long Will I Love You 2021 (Rsd Exclusive) 5060516096251 12” Single
V/A Behind The Dykes 2 -Clrd- 602435395524 2LP
V/A May The Circle.. -Rsd- 826853118217 1LP
Waldos Rent Party -Rsd- 5013145211410 1LP
War The Vinyl: 1971-1975 0603497844999 Limited 5 x 140g 12" Green (disc1), Silver (disc2), Blue (disc3), Orange (disc4) & White (disc5) vinyl album box.
Various Artists A Tribute To Curtis Mayfield – Gold And Purple Mix Vinyl 0093624895237 Limited 2 x 140g 12" White vinyl album.
Various Artists You Can'T Sit Down: Cameo Parkway Dance Crazes (1958-1964) (Rsd Coloured Vinyl) 18771877912 2LP
Various Artists You Got The Power: Cameo Parkway Northern Soul (1964-1967) (Rsd Coloured Vinyl) 18771877813 2LP
Vaya Con Dios What'S A Woman.. -Clrd- 8719262015210 2LP
Vince Guaraldi Trio Baseball Theme (Rsd Coloured 7") 888072229402 7"
Wilen, Barney La Note Bleue -Rsd- 8435395502983 2LP
Wildhearts Cuts So Deep 5052571092811 12
Wormwood Arkivet (Bonus Tracks) Rsd 200000092931 CD
Wormwood Arkivet (Bonus Tracks) Rsd 200000092948 LP
Zone Zero Heavy Metal Red Vinyl 7320470253229 Singel